Sunday, 13 May 2012

Should You Go For An Online Career?

Thankfully we are done with our exams and free for more than a month now. I had been thinking for a long time to write on the topic but due to exams I was unable to put in the real spirit in this post that is why you are enjoying it too late. Well, today’s post focuses on what you have not focused before.All of us, reading this post are those who are actually in love with this technological world. Internet surfing and using latest technologies is more than anything to us. We give more and more time to our virtual life and think of it most of the time. What should be my next post topic? What areas should be covered? Which additional widgets are required? How can I generate more revenue? What is hot these days etc etc. Am I wrong?
I am sure 85% of you agree with me (the rest of 15% are newbies and they will soon add up to our list).I am an engineering student and the thing that pinch me up again and again is the fight amongst my profession and my passion. Make money online sounds really glittering, especially when we look at some successful people, enjoying home comfort all day long and earning without getting limited by any temporal or spatial bounds is mouth watering. But everything has got its price. What’s the price that we do pay unknowingly when we enter the world of i-marketing? Have you ever bothered to ponder what are you loosing? What are the charms of real world that we people are missing?

1-All day long home comfort---Source of Boredom:

All day long home comfort is, indeed, the most outstanding charm of online world. But, this remains a charm for a specific time period. Yes, I agree that housewives prefer and they should stay at their homes but for men; it’s difficult (And honestly, it becomes difficult for females also to bear a man at home 24 hours a day).Don’t interpret me wrong, it is in the human nature. As far as I perceive, it somehow affects your relationships as well. Who don’t want a woman waiting at home to greet you with a smile and warmth, when you come back home after seven to eight tough hours? How will you feel this special feeling when you don’t go out of the home for so long :P

2-Colleagues---Source of Entertainment:

When you work in any office, organization or any other workplace of yours; you have got some colleagues. Some are really smart competent while others are strong supportive friends. Some make silly jokes all day long while others attract your sense of aesthetics. These entire mix flavors add up color and entertainment to your life. You listen to them, talk to them, crack jokes and at difficult times solve problems together. You become too familiar with each other to share your personal life problems as well. When you feel depressed your colleagues act as your friends and prove to be your strength.

3-Competitions and celebrations---Source of Inspiration:

Company targets, goals, competitions and achievements…. All these are a part of virtual world also. But in the blogging world, you are the company yourself. You have some pre-determined targets and the achievement is also yours only. You are too lonely in your achievement, you will surely receive a few comments from your readers but believe me, only 5- 10% percent will celebrate your success with you. You would miss the thrill of deadlines and unexpected problems that appear at the time of task completion. You would miss the smile and happiness at your colleague’s face when you just overcame some challenging tribulation. You would miss the chance of seeing your competent friend working passionately and the chance of feeling inspired. Do you want to miss all these precious moments?

4-Your communication Skills---Source of Excitement:

You have spent a lot of time polishing your communication skills, have not you? If you won’t go to any office or interact with any professional face to face, how will you show them you’re hardly earned soft skills? Preparing presentations, arranging meetings and convincing others with your proposal is so challenging and at the same, most exciting. Oh come on, who don’t want to show off when he/she has got a skill? It feels so nice when you speak and you can see the next person getting impressed. It’s fun; it’s electrifying…something different from your daily routine, something that you can’t enjoy on your blogs. 

5-Real World---Real Life:

To wrap up the above said argument, we are human beings. We love socializing, we need people to talk with, need a society to live in, and we need a real life! Yes, sometimes it is miserable and we need some time and place where we can escape from this real world with real difficulties. And in such situations, this virtual world acts as a blessing. The key to enjoy all tastes of life and staying safe is to maintain a balance. You just need to decide what attracts you more and what are your priorities? Don’t get mesmerized by the glitters; analyze things and then make a decision. Are you ready the pay the price for opting an online career?


  1. hey Rahmeen,
    finally m hre.. :)
    what I Noticed about this blog is, the owner has got exceptionally good writing skills, the blog can be a superhit if some attention is given on the layout.
    there is no menu bar, why?

  2. hmmm, welcome at my beloved blog nida:) Uf, so flattering feedback making me proud. It needs a lot of attention and time which is not possible for me yet. Have a different life plan in my mind:)

    1. Nida is right... You do have good writing skills..

      I know I am commenting on this comment after 2 months :p Just had some spare time and wasn't getting some inspiration for new things so thought of reading some blogs in my list.

      If you get some spare time, then I would love if you give some attention to this blog but obviously more concentration on the life plan shall be the priority :)

      All the Best :)

    2. Oh My GOD! some great people on my blog???
      Welcome bhavesh:) and thank you for the feedback. So did you get some inspiration from my blog? Well, i would recommend to read Living in Moments to feel alive... Yeah, i guess i should add some posts here

    3. I read that Living Moments post. I did got a moral support or a strong motivation or something like that which I am unable to explain. Just got one full-stop typo error in the first point.

      In the last point, my bad is that I don't note things down. A really bad habit. One line I didn't get was "Kindly keep that in a cupboard and lock it." I lock the idea or solution, then I may forget that I even got a solution. I mean humans tend to forget small things pretty fast.

      So for example, say I wrote a solution and keep it somewhere out of my sight thinking I will do when the time comes, and when the time really comes I may forget that I even wrote a solution.

      I don't know if you got my point :p

      I like to learn human behavior and human psychology, even know some mind reading which I learnt by practice in my college days. That post was related to human behavior. Are you planning to learn it??

  3. @Bhavesh
    am feeling really glad to have you here.And, believe me i m now thinking to publish a post bcz of you.
    Well, that's an honor indeed to know that you feel motivated.
    Yes, i m good at getting your points:-).So the solution to your problem is you can make one diary exclusive for your problems and solutions.Whenever you feel tensed, refer to your diary and check if you have already thought about the issue or not.
    Another advantage of doing this is when you will look at the previous problems and their solutions, you will feel confident gradually 'Yes,i can solve my Problems'. Sam, if you start writing down your ideas you will feel quite relax and you will observe a positive difference in the performance of your mind.

    No, am not planning to learn it but yes, i ll love to do so if i get a chance.

    1. Wow.... A post just because of me..... I am glad and very happy that I was able to get you back on work with a post and you already wrote one :)

      I may have an online diary instead of a physical diary which I feel shy to write... I mean I never wrote any ideas on a physical paper and if I do start everyone in the family start ask me what is it, what is it and I don't feel that good...

      The advantages of physical diary is high obviously. I will surely try to get rid of the shyness.


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