Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Who Am I

Before I make others realize themselves, I feel it’s important to introduce myself first. I am a student of Computer and Information Systems engineering, seeking a career in hardware or embedded systems. I am a  writer also and love to explore new technology related tips and tricks. Yeah, I know both of my careers demand me to be a complete technical person. In fact, I often say that machines are my first and last love. It is not a joke only… if we want to excel our field; this is our basic requirement. And doubtlessly, I love my field. But it is not life. We are human beings...we are meant to sense, feel and enjoy. You can’t enjoy life in its full swing unless you go along your heart. My heart wants to speak out what it feels and share the joy with everyone. It does not allow me to restrict myself to materialistic things .Writing for technology blogs constantly makes me feel that I am lying to myself so I decided to set up my own diary; where I am who I am. Where I can inspire others to be who they are…. I will share here my daily life experiences. Nothing technical and no categories would be discussed here. I try to live each and every moment of life, whatever its category is:-).I believe that one’s life should have all the tastes. And only one taste inside one’s self…sweetness.

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