Saturday, 3 March 2012

Channalize Your Inner Energy

A few days back, when I was quite tired because of hectic university schedule I slept late at night; hardly for two or three hours. Since I was not mentally relaxed that’s why I saw a very strange but really exciting dream (Yes, dreams are mostly strange).I do not know how one can phrase his/ her dream; at least I am never able to do.

To summarize it, it was an adventurous task which was meant to be made by two of my fellows which seemed impossible but with intense faith and passion, they somehow made it. I love such passionate and I felt as if I was also attuned with their energy and enthusiasm. It was not just a dream for me; when I wake up I was able to recall that scene and felt that energy. I tried to absorb it consciously and use it properly. Being an engineer, we are more than interested in saving and producing energy but that energy is always electrical, mechanical or kind. We never thought of working on the energy that exists deep within us. I always wonder why we feel so energetic at times and as no one at all at other. Have you ever seen a cool, easy going guy fighting furiously when someone is trying to kill him and the only option for his survival is his struggle at that moment? Well I am sure you can imagine… when it comes to our life we are incredibly different. When we have a certain target in front of us and we had to make it at any cost, for some unavoidable reasons, we behave as if we are a source of tremendous energy. And this is exactly what I felt after that dream.
I am not convinced of forgetting dreams when you wake up, so I decided to produce something beneficial with it. My gut instinct told me that if I want to properly use it, I need to “Channelize Inner Energy”. Neither I know any yoga practices nor am I skilled at “Chakras” thing. When you search on spiritual topics, you will definitely come across such terms on internet, but I would try to convey in easy understandable form whatever I have learned. You must have heard of meditation also. All these are the means of communicating with our own thoughts. When it comes to channelize inner energy or get something positive from energy, we have to have some strange beliefs. This universe contains energy, which flows through out it. You can also grab this energy when you are conscious of it and when you are really ready to interact with it. You just need to belief that there does exist such type of energy. Have you ever seen horror movies based on people of different beliefs? If you are a Muslim you will call your Allah, if Christian you will call Jesus and accordingly you will call the one you think is almighty and most interestingly; you will be able to overcome that supernatural soul. What is exactly there that overpowers those cursed souls? Isn’t it your belief on your Lord, that makes you communicate with the universe? By communication, I do not mean that you are supposed to carry out long conversation sessions… It is basically sensing nature and feeling excited for no reason. It is about understanding your signals and listen your inner voice. And how do you do all this?
Well, you may need to practice meditation daily or any other technique that is aimed at connecting you with your soul and mind. Conquer your mind and you will conquer everything!
I am not an expert on either of these practices but just a layman. The purpose of sharing all this with you is to help you develop and analyze your thinking patterns. Sometimes we do not understand what lies in front of us but are able to see when someone else’s directs our attention towards it. If you are lucky enough to feel such wonderful exhilarating energy, do not ignore it. If you feel that you are more than interested in anything or your gut feeling is urging you for something…go for it. Universe wants to communicate with you. Shake your hand and live freely. Here I would like to quote theme of one of the saying which meant “If we enclose the entire universe it is human being”.


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  2. That was awesome. Yes yes I'll go for that thing my mind urges me to do. But like always not to go do crazy things. I like your view, And i have learnt something that is worthwhile from that article.


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