Sunday, 30 December 2012

Save Your Brain , Avoid Multi - Tasking Today

Tech gadgets has made our life easier and miserable at the same time. Luxuries of today can be miseries of future, if we understand. We have become more and more technology addicts and in this addiction we are totally ignoring how these tech trends are affecting our quality of health.People today feels good when they can read a book while watching their favorite TV Serial. A hello or forwarded message does not bother your research work. You feel really easy talking with some in person and solving your assignment.You think that multi-tasking makes you more efficient and saves time, don't you?
It may be a surprise for you to know, multi task affects our mind badly.To keep it simple and straight; Human brain is not designed to multi-task.Research has shown that human brain processes information in a sequential manner and we are biologically incapable of multi tasking.

Experimental Test at Stanford University:

Researchers at Stanford University carried out an interesting experiment to find out the impact of multi-tasking on human brain.They gave questionnaires to two groups of people, heavy multi-taskers and light multi-taskers.Investigators expected multi-taskers to be amazing at filtering information, switching between tasks and keeping a high working memory,says Researcher Clifford Nass. However, the results were disappointing as it proved the poor performance of multi-taskers. And the reason to their poor performance was they were easily distractable.Their mind was responsive to irrelevant stimuli in the environment and irrelevant memory representations.The research concluded that multi-tasking does not only affect your performance, accuracy and quality of work rather it may damage your brain as well.

Multi-Tasking or Task-Switching:

A cognitive task is one that requires some thought process that may include receiving,encoding, understanding, filtering or storage of information. Let's say you have three cognitive tasks to do. Your mind will label them as Goal 1, Goal 2 and Goal 3.Whenever you require to perform any task, certain cells in the brain get activated.So, we can understand it as three tasks will activate three different spots in our mind.When you started executing Goal 1 the cells in the spot 1 gets activated. Now, if you execute Goal 2; do not fool yourself that two portions of your mind will start giving output.No! the cells in spot 1 will loose their energy and spot 2 will become activated. Summarizing it, human brain actually switches between different tasks when, you think,  you are executing multiple tasks.

The Cost of Multi-tasking:

Human brain has limited space for tasks requiring attention.Whenever you read a text message while listening to lecture, your brain takes tenths of second to get back from where it left off. This may sound casual, but gradually it affects your mental ability of focus. Your mind will be cluttered with irrelevant information and filtering of information may become time consuming at times. You will be exposed to environmental and physical distractions that affect your quality of work. Overload of multi-tasking creates stress that damage the cells for new memories.

Today's post was aimed to inform you all that how trendy multi-tasking drains our brain. You may argue that it is the demand of today's world and people think you fool if you are not a multi-tasker. Leave others! Think of yourslef ! Do you want to damage the unlimited potential of your brain or you want it to explore in the best manner? Start focusing on a single task at a time and you will notice the improved quality and efficiency in your work.'Focus' is the most precious ability that has resolved riddles amazingly. Practice this skill and let us know of the consequences.

Stay Focused! Stay Blessed!


  1. Wo wo wo... Avoid Multitasking???
    I can't really live without it. Even while writing this comment I am thinking of other stuff as well.

    1. Hm, i knew if i had said it without any research evidence no one will listen to me. But, now you must have understood why it is said that "do one thing at a time and do it well." Practice single-tasking and you will be amazed at your own performance:-) Thankyou for feedback sam. And happy new year. Hope this year compensates for all the difficulties you and your family faced this year.

  2. Practically speaking, most of the people may agree to the theory but won't apply it because the world is so fast pacing that we have to prepare our minds for multi tasking. I though appreciate your research :)

    I too wish you a very happy new year to you and your family. I guess this was bad year for most of us. But lets just say it goodbye with a smile and thank whatever good the year has given us :)

  3. Perfect! Distractions do damage to our focus capabilities but this fact dawns upon us with the passage of time. The lack of focus can be a big factor in lack of achieving a particular goal.

    Great focusing advice Rahmeen :-). Keep up the good work.

  4. OMG! Multitasking ... you know what while reading ur blog i was listening to the songs, texting and checking the posts as well ... it means what u said i m reducing my brain's efficiency. I will try to avoid that.. its informative with evidence appreciated... thank you.


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