Thursday, 20 June 2013

Find Your Motivational Factor

Personal blogs are an outlet where you vent out your thoughts, frustrations and your feelings at time. It is a place where you can write independent of any niche, any keyword strategy and without any worry of the backlinks. Its like a virtual resort to a blogger where he/she comes to spend leisure time and enjoy time reading his/her own posts or craft a new one.  Its been almost six long months, I have not visited my very own blog. Yes, you get it right ... I kept, whatever went over me, within myself. Today, after hell lot of boredom I opened my online diary so that I may find any factor which can motivate me. I went through the comments, I have received so far and the result is this post.

Everyone in life meets you for a reason; for a lesson. Its really amazing how people, their small acts, words or thoughts affect our life. All we need to do, is to keep looking for the motivational factors that keep us going in life.

1- A Special Friend:

Virtual world is a beautiful place. It introduces you to the people, you have never met and may never meet in person, and brings them close to you. Since I am a writer, so I often meet people who appreciate my writing skills. It is not that our readers are only important to us (the writers/bloggers) because they bring traffic. Rather, sometimes they become dear to us when they share their feelings. I am badly missing one of my reader friend as I have not seen his comments or any sign of presence for a long time. I think, I am writing this post for him because he was depressed and once, he founded support in my words. So, I may say that He is the motivational factor for me at present.

You will also have any such friend, brother, sister, cousin, uncle , aunt, reader, employer, fan or anyone who brings you back to your work. Figure out those special people and get in touch with them.

2- Influence of Zodiac Sign: 

Oh yes, I know many people do not believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs; I do believe. And, this gives me a great boost at times.I am proudly, an Aries. A zodiac sign which is notorious of being fiery,impulsive, moody, highly self-motivated and a born Leader. Whenever I feel too down in life, I search for my personality traits and RIDE THE WAVE, as expected from an Aries.

What is your zodiac sign? Every zodiac sign has some strengths. Don't forget to search your personality traits and discover the real potential inside you. This may sound weird but it actually works. If your zodiac sign is not that strong, you may start looking for the strengths of people of your homeland or your caste, your school/college or field of work. You will definitely find your motivational factor that tells you to move forward in life.

3- Entertainment:

This is kinda biased approach as we can not apply any generalization here. Every being has got a unique taste of entertainment and satisfaction. Some of us like the thrillers while others love horror movies. Some of us get involved in fantasy based novels while others love to read about conquerors. Sometimes religious beliefs motivate us to life and sometimes the lyrics of a rebellious song does so.

These things are not new to you. But, it was needed to mention them explicitly because we do not notice their impact in our routine life. Life is simple and enjoyable, if you know how to fight back the difficulties and celebrate the moments. If circumstances push you back, try all your motivational sources and one of them will definitely get you up. All of us are equally talented, as the Creator of this universe is a JUST being. You lag behind, only when you feel de-motivated. Your motivational factor can be much different than mine. That does not matter; all you need to know is yours key to life :-).


  1. Usman Khurshid20 June 2013 at 20:06

    Nice to see you back on the blog :-)

    Certainly the motivation factor is quite different for each human being. But most of the times we are just bogged down with other influential factors in life rather than finding a motivation factor.

    My experience is that most people look for other people to motivate them. My personal thought is that one should have enough courage within himself to get along with self-motivation rather than being motivated by others.

    1. thankyou for your comment :-). Yes, agreed with your experience

  2. Yes miss writer agreed with you point of view :)... Its very difficult to find out the motivational factor in your life because sometimes there are multiple factors... But the best thing is i know mine :)

    1. m feeling like 'wow'. How did you bother to read and comment :p

  3. lol rahmeen u know i m not that lazy :p


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