Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Human Beings: Designed to Err

Greetings! How are my great readers doing? Must be making the most of your lives, right?
Well, I am back after long long vacation buddies. And now, I am here to stay. Actually, I am not coming from some refreshing vacations, rather I had been occupied with some tough extra curricular stuff. The one year engagement with that programme certainly taught me much more than it was intended to. It tested patience, dedication, determination, stress bearing capabilities and much more. Voila! I am gonna share all my learning with you guys, for sure. Anyhow, that's planned to be shared sometime later on.

Today, we will talk of an inseparable instinct of human beings. Yes, we will discuss about the mistakes and the associated fears as we make them.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Super Hero; Existed Always, Realized Never

Have you ever experienced a world where humanity feels ashamed every day? A world where poor suffers and the rich prospers, where evil is stronger than the good, where a single person controls the life of hundreds with cruelty and injustice; a world where only Might is Right.

Have you ever wondered how people of such a world survive which is deeply immersed in the darkness of distress and hopelessness? Yes, you guess it right! They silently or openly wait for someone, who would come from some unknown place at unknown time, as their ray of hope.  They wait for someone who would take a stand against EVIL for them and provide solutions to all their problems. Such a person would enlighten their world with the energy and heroically bring them back to the beauties of life.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Separation is Sin

No! Neither I am going to advocate 'Save your Relationship' nor it is related to the separation between husband and wife or break up of any couple. The discussion is much broader that crosses the borders of gender, religion, caste, creed and land. And, embraces every living being on this earth. Ahh, my imagination does not stop here; I want to move ahead, a little more...allow me to feel every particle. I am a human being made of water and clay. Oh, I never realized; I am an integral part of the 'Whole'...which you name as 'Universe'. The separation from this reality is Sin.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Find Your Motivational Factor

Personal blogs are an outlet where you vent out your thoughts, frustrations and your feelings at time. It is a place where you can write independent of any niche, any keyword strategy and without any worry of the backlinks. Its like a virtual resort to a blogger where he/she comes to spend leisure time and enjoy time reading his/her own posts or craft a new one.  Its been almost six long months, I have not visited my very own blog. Yes, you get it right ... I kept, whatever went over me, within myself. Today, after hell lot of boredom I opened my online diary so that I may find any factor which can motivate me. I went through the comments, I have received so far and the result is this post.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Save Your Brain , Avoid Multi - Tasking Today

Tech gadgets has made our life easier and miserable at the same time. Luxuries of today can be miseries of future, if we understand. We have become more and more technology addicts and in this addiction we are totally ignoring how these tech trends are affecting our quality of health.People today feels good when they can read a book while watching their favorite TV Serial. A hello or forwarded message does not bother your research work. You feel really easy talking with some in person and solving your assignment.You think that multi-tasking makes you more efficient and saves time, don't you?