Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Maximize Your Brain Potentials

What is the difference between a layman and an entrepreneur? It is clever use of available resources. A single penny that any passerby would spend to enjoy corns can be the same penny which will double itself when goes in the hands of entrepreneur. It is been a common practice that we all tend to improve our professional skills, whether we are a designer, developer, SEO consultant or a writer. We take different courses and go for certifications that can add up to our profile. But, we often tend to ignore the most immediate resource that could work wonders for us. Yes, it is the ‘Human Brain’. You must have come across the terms born-genius, born-leader, born- entrepreneur and other ‘born-something’. Does that
mean that you can not be an entrepreneur because no one has yet tagged you as ‘born-xxx’?

No, you do not agree with this and that is why you are reading this stuff.We believe that any one can achieve his/her dreams and targets by following the correct strategy. I remember an interesting line I came across which said that ‘Brain is a trial and success phenomenon’. Indeed, it is.

Maximizing the Potentials:

When you talk about maximizing the potentials it means that you want to make full use of capabilities. We, human beings, think about past, review our present and try to foresee our future; but we waste a lot of time doing so. Maximizing the potentials does not mean that one keeps on thinking for hours rather it is as simple as THINKING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Let us start with the very basic steps that will help you get the most of your brain.
1-    Watch Your Thoughts
2-    Positive Mental Attitude
3-    Train your mind

Pacify your Mind:

We waste a lot of time thinking about our situations because most of these thoughts are useless. We think about tragedies or bitter facts of past which can not be changed. Or we think about future and over burden ourselves with the worries which may never come to us. These worries find their place in our subconscious through different mediums like when we hear of tragic stories, or when we see dramas, movies or listen to sad songs and poetry. We start looking ourselves as that character and will stay sad for long and honestly, for no reason. If you are so good at imagination, why not see a brighter and happier picture of life? Yes, it is true that life gifts us with many pressurizing situations but it is accompanied with a solution always. What causes trouble then is the inability of mind to see it. It is because our mind is cluttered with so many useless thoughts that it is incapable to perform its task properly.
Just take a simple example, if you have to work in a room where things are so much scattered, everything is disorganized, the door bell rings and you receive the parcel. Oh, it is your friends calling now and then the children have started playing in the lawn making so much noise. What will be your efficiency in such room? Forget everything else; you won’t be able to write even a simple document at your normal speed, isn’t it so? So, does that mean that you’re working speed and productivity is limited or does that indicate to work on your environment to re-gain your efficiency? As you can see that scattered things, door bell, calling a friend and noise are distractions to your work. Same is the case with human brain; there are many inadequate thoughts that affect our thinking process. These are undesired as they deviate your focus and reduce your performance. And accordingly, we need to clean up our mind (reminds me of C Cleaner) to discard the ineffective material and to make space for the deserving thoughts and ideas.

Watch Your Mind:

You must have heard of the most common practice ‘Meditation’ that helps relax human mind.Generally, it is recommended as sitting up-right in a comfortable place and holding your breathe .Close your eyes, inhale and exhale your breathe consciously. Meditation, Yoga and such other practices have been carried out since ages. There is nothing religious or fictions associated with them. These are just exercises for your mind with sound scientific basis. You are aware of the importance of exercise for healthy living and many people try
to incorporate exercise in daily routines. When you can maintain your body to remain fit and healthy, why not bother about the mind which has to control all your body mechanisms. However, some religious rituals also offer peace of mind and helps soothing it. You can search for the available options and can opt the one that suits you the best. Whatever option you take; it will help you bring your mind in a controlled state. You will be in a position where you will observe your thoughts and look at them coming one after the other. Just like, while sitting at the coffee shop by the road side you see many people going from one direction to other and you keep on watching them silently. If you continue pacifying your mind, you will soon be able to watch your mind. While doing so, you will realize that there are numerous thoughts broadly classifying into useful and
useless thoughts. It is just like data in the raw form that should be processed to extract useful information. Similarly, you have some thoughts which are meant to utilize once and then throw away. Okay, let me explain. Remind yourself of any unpleasant event that occurred in your past. For example, I have faced circumstances in which my academia got badly affected because I was going through emotional dilemma. I realized that I need to be emotionally healthy and intelligent at the expense of my result. There is no use of
remembering that result or those emotions, anymore, as they have nothing to do with the present. I was unaware that I can be emotionally healthy and a stronger person than I was at that time so nature showed me where I lacked. Echoing in my mind, ‘Anything that does not kill you makes you strong’. Life shows us such situations so that we can learn and move ahead. Are you following me?

Train Your Mind:

The purpose of the above said arguments is to tell you that you can have a control over your thoughts and you should use this control intelligently to train your mind. Why should we train our mind? All trainings (no matter how simple or complex they are) are aimed to achieve some specific goals. These goals are pre-defined and you know the outcome before actually starting it. For example, an iOS developer training aims at polishing your iOS developing skills. Similarly, you need to set your goals while having fun with your mind. 
Allow me to share some of my targets so that you may get an idea from where to start with.
-To observe things accurately at a glance
-Sharpen memory
-Improved focus on a single task
-Managing multiple tasks successfully
-Gather the data and link up the facts effectively
-Analyze information rationally
-Deal with the problems in a cool-headed manner
- Reach at a Simple and Practical solution efficiently
-Improve emotional intelligence
-Stay in the positive frame of mind even at the disastrous scenarios

Once you have set your goals, it means that you have found the direction for your thoughts.Of course, we can not cover this entire topic here as it is beyond the scope but you can proceed further on your own. I repeat, you CAN proceed further and seek more knowledge on this subject.

Stay Focused! Stay Blessed!


  1. awesome post... and one thing i wanna add here... is that try to spend at-least half an hour alone daily.... because what i observed is that it helps to boost the thinking ability and you become able to invent new creative ideas instead of following conventional ones...and as u know too..that... "AN idea can Change your Life". So, finally i would like to give a Thumbs up for this great post...& looking for more great stuff. Thanks

  2. I wish Japanese people come up with a gadget which can wipe out unnecessary stuff from our brain :p

    Some things like big emotional shock gets permanently printed which is nearly impossible to remove from the mind. I have one from past 8-9 yrs and when every morning I get up and every night I sleep somehow that thing comes in the mind. I tried toooooo hard, did meditation and all but nothing really happened.

    About thinking for hours to do something: Well I don't really think much; I just do it.

    About setting goals: I don't set up goals at all because whenever I do something expected which is beyond my control (for eg. power failure) comes in the way and the goal doesn't gets completed. It has happened to me each and every time I set up a goal, may it be a daily task or weekly or monthly. And when the goal doesn't get completed I get too too too frustrated and I end up break something.

    Everybody who is reading this post, I would like to add something at the end of the post that training your mind to control the ideas is not at all easy as you are thinking. With easy I mean it takes time, may be a lot of time (years). It takes practice, it takes patience. So don't expect great results very early. Just keep practicing and don't think about the result because one day will come that you won't even ask for the result :)

    I just wrote a short post I guess :p

  3. @syed shah
    thankyou for the feedback and the compliment.Well, i agree with you.

    dude,you are right sometimes it is impossible to remove any memory but you can lessen the intensity of its effect.Means accept that memory as a fact, make it a part of your routine and it will not effect you with that much pain (occasionally, it may become very painful but this is what life is).

    thanks a lot for your short posts:) Actually it is an excerpt from my ebook which i planned for mbt but due to some reasons we are unable to launch it there. May be i will share that entire stuff here. That ebook answers all the points you have mentioned.

    1. Great!!! I will be waiting for that eBook answers' post to come :)

      Intensity did reduced overtime but it took a very long time.


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