Thursday, 11 October 2012

Why do we need to be emotionally intelligent?

It is a fact that “Human Brain” has amazing potential and you can train your mind to increase its efficiency. But, you might have experienced that you can not focus on your task because you are distracted. You cannot pour enough energy into something because your heart dislikes it or feel insulted to do it or your performance is extraordinary when you receive appreciation, support or feeling happy for any reason.

What does all this mean? It means that the efficiency of your brain is somehow aligned with your emotions. And sometimes, these emotions are so strong that they overcome us and we feel totally helpless at our workplaces, our productivity suffers, and we may have to bear serious loss in our career, if those emotions are extremely negative.
Yes, I do believe that we all human beings and human beings should have emotions. But, why to make emotions so powerful so they can harm us? Your plans can not afford your mood swings. If you want to be a successful professional, and entrepreneur, then you must know how to free yourself from these tremendous emotions that can take you to unknown directions.
All these facts lead us to a point where we need to be emotionally intelligent, if we wish to survive happily. This may be, a new term for many so to define it formally;
“Emotional intelligence is a blend of competencies which allow a person to be conscious of and understand their own emotions and other people's emotions and to use this knowledge to achieve success”              
Now, I am feeling strongly to coin the term ‘Emotional Independence’ where we can make our productivity least affected by our or someone else's emotions. Where you perform your task even if your family is suffering with hunger, where you can help others ignoring the fact that they deceived you, where you can go along with your business plans no matter you have just broken up with your fiancĂ©, got divorced or received the news of fire at your hill station farm house.
 Yes, the motive is to go along with business plans irrelevant to the emotional dilemma you have experienced.

 Shall I become emotionless?

Now, do not interpret the above discussion as throwing emotions out of your life. You are human being not robot, incomplete without emotions. We are here to find out how to manage ourselves, making intelligent use of our abilities .So, if negative emotions can destroy your carrier; positive emotions can take you to ultimate heights .And, sometimes people succeed even with the negative emotions like jealousy, rivalry and revenge.
So for our ease, we can take emotions as some form of energy which can be used to boost up our success and productivity.

Are you emotionally healthy?

 By emotionally healthy we mean,you are supposed to note that life is not about all good .To be realistic ,there are very harsh realities ,and many unhealthy emotions meet us occasionally .It is impractical to look at a single side of picture only ,whether it is negative or even positive .Your emotional intelligence is reflected when you won’t let the bad harm you and won’t miss the charm of good .An emotionally healthy person, usually have the following personalities traits :

  • Amity
  • Focus
  • Stability
  • Gratitude
  • Inspiration
  • Fulfillment
  • Awareness
  • Aspiration
  • Tranquility of mind

Improve your Emotional Intelligence:

                                If you are missing any of the above-mentioned checklists, then you need to work on improving yourself:

1- Say No to Hopelessness:

                               If you are the one who thinks there is no good left or all your efforts are going vain then you eventually dive into state of hopelessness .You start looking at the darker side of the things and you start losing your heart, excitement or passion for work.
 If this is your condition, then, you need some fresh air .Observe the beauty around you and find motivation .If nothing works, read the inspiring material about life, career and one’s own self .Read biographies of successful people .Read about the people who were born with some incapability but they overcome it with effort and good will .You will definitely find your ray of hope.

2- Try, Try and Try Again:

                                                     Sometimes it happens that we are quite positive about any effort we made but the results do not come up to our expectations. These are very disappointing moments especially when you have put your whole heart and soul into it (I have also experienced them). But does this mean that you should stop doing struggles because they are not yielding any results?
No, you are getting it wrong, if you are thinking to give up. These unsatisfactory results are just a sign to tell you that you can do even more. Whatever you put in, thinking as your 100% was not your extreme. You have a lot more unexplored potential. Keep on trying and raise your standard higher and higher.

3- Every experience is learning:

It is not that the only career efforts disappoint you; rather, your relationships and personal affairs may also affect you badly. They may occupy your head and take away your creative, imaginative and productive skills. Sometimes people deceive you and sometimes you have to be parted from your love because of any social, religious or cultural bounds. These leave a deeper impression on your heart and are comparatively more difficult to overcome. You have to move on, no matter what happens. Remember, ‘Every experience is learning -- be it good or bad’.

4- Stay Confident/ Build your opinion:

Let not anyone else define you. There are so many people who get deceived by other people’s opinion about them .If you have made a pancake and it tastes good; serve and tell others that you have made a delicious pancake. You can never make everyone happy, so don’t feel worry if you can’t do so. Note that I am not saying that do not ask or consider anyone else’s suggestions. Do ask from people who can appreciate well and condemn bad. Don’t surround yourself from flatterers or biased people. Similarly, you have to build your opinion analyzing positive and negative aspects. You should be able to judge yourself in unbiased manner.

5- Build your Communication Skill:

This may sound a little off-topic but your communication skills will help you to convey your emotions to others. You will be able to understand other people’s emotions by asking the right questions. You will be able to handle the situations and turn the discussion into your favor. Use your skill to resolve conflicts and maintain peaceful environments. A mature conversation is a reflection that the person is emotionally stable. Not only this, learn how to communicate with yourself.

This was all for today buddies, we will surely carry up the discussion in next posts.
Stay Blessed!


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