Thursday, 2 February 2012

Own Your Self

Human beings have been striving for their happiness since their existence on earth. In different ages, different parameters were set and different ways were followed to gain that happiness. The only definition that can sit well for all ages is 'Happiness is Mental Peace and Satisfaction'. Now, debates can be held, arguments can be made but no one can figure out international standards of happiness. Every person has its own parameters. I personally belief; 'Happiness lies deep inside us'. We don’t need to look towards anyone to make us smile. We really don’t need any external sources to take our control. What do I mean by ‘Own Yourself’? Well, its simple. It means hug yourself and take your responsibility.

What Do You Want From Life?

Every being on this earth wants something different from life. Many of us want honor, fame and money. Some want to be among the leading scientists while the others desire to be great thinkers. A great majority of dummies also exist who want nothing at all.You are precious, your life is precious. You have been sent down on this earth with a purpose. Do not degrade yourself to animals that just came into this world and die without making any difference. Be a human…create a difference. Add to the positivity of this universe. Find out what is your purpose of existence? Which skills do you excel at? What can you give to humanity or your nation, or religion? Ask yourself…Who you are?.

What Type of Person Are You?

So now its your time to decide what fascinates you? What is most important in your life? Do you want to earn more and more money or are you satisfied with a reasonable income? Are you okay with helping others secretly or do you see yourself as a renowned social worker? Do you want to keep your knowledge to yourself or you will prove yourself as great teacher and contributor to humanity?

Decide Your Life Style:

You are required to make a list of your priorities so that you don’t mess things up when it comes to decision. Once you have set a target, its high time to determine the right path. And this path is your Life Style. Only a wisely taken life style can lead you to your destination, else you will find yourself wandering directionless.

Own Your Life:

With a clear mind, you are supposed to monitor every action of yours to make sure you are going in the right direction. If you want to have an identity of yours, plan every action. Develop your taste and recognize your choice. Sometimes (and for me, its most of the times) we do not get enough time to figure out our wishes and fulfill them. There can be many reasons for it; like you have responsibilities or your social set up does not allow it. Whatever the reason is; I will emphasize to maintain an approach of yours.

Own Your Happiness:

When you do own your life, it means you are getting control of yourself. You are emotionally healthy and can withstand tough times. Its not just about facing difficult times with publicizing your problems, rather its about keeping them to yourself and do not let others know about it. How can you benefit from it? Its simple…when you are out with people, you need to maintain a happy and calm tone, this will definitely freed your mind with your existing tribulations and you would get a chance to smile. Make sure that you appreciate each and every blessing of nature. Believe me, Almighty is Most Merciful and He never wants us to feel hopeless and doomed. We just need to change the way we look at things, to find the gift inside it.

What’s next?

We will talk more about owning your life in our upcoming posts. Since its not easy to give any hard and fast technique, but we will try to provide you an outline which can guide you. We expect you to develop your skills and find ways out of your problems on your own.


  1. yes for making priorities u have to choose first what is good or bad... Mostly ppl tend towards the bad things..obviously its all their choice.. Need to focus more on what you want from lyf bcz its hard to decide...some more ideas needed. i was thinking if u can write another blog on that :) we can be happpy with others but at the end we have to face our problems to finish them and the problems cant b discussed with all but can b with one special friend (mom, dad or czn) but to a certain limit.. 100000 likes for the topic selected <3

  2. hmm okay, difficult to write on your suggested topic :-) But, yes InshaaAllah i will. And will send you the link too:p


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