Tuesday, 10 January 2012

5 Simple Ways of Handling Stress

We promised in our last post that we will find out some techniques to deal with stress. It’s the right time to fulfill our promise. Why we are late in sharing this with you? This is because I was implementing these in my personal life. There’s nothing impractical in whatever I am about to say; you just need to understand it completely.

1-Re-program Your Mind:

Are you the one who instantly get depression and feel stressed? Do you feel intensively worried about minor problems as well? Do you know what’s most exciting about human brain? It is the quality of training it. Just feed one line in your mind; “No stress anymore!” Repeatedly say it until your mind accepts it as truth. Once it is fed, whenever you face a problem your mind will automatically recall your resolution against stress. It is just like programming our mind and Neuro linguistic Programming is a complete subject dedicated to it.

2-Change Your Priorities:

Sometimes we worry for no reason. If we do not get 100%, do not worry 99.9% is also acceptable. What’s wrong if you do not look best in the party? Believe me, no one was offering you Oscar there. Do you really need to worry what everyone is thinking about you? I do not believe in changing dreams but it is important to compromise on fake priorities. You should not overburden yourself for illusive reasons. A little flexibility at your side can often make your life surprisingly easy.

3-Absorb Stress Positively:

I came across a beautiful suggestion of enjoying stress and I would like to share the idea. The literal meaning of ‘Stress’ is ‘pressure’. There’s nothing harm associated with it. This pressure is not negative or positive in itself. It depends on you how you handle it? Will you start creating panic or you have got enough guts to accept the pressure? You can’t run away from the situation and creating panic is always helpless and sometimes even brings in more problems. So kindly accept the fact that you have to find a way out of your problem and you will definitely find it.

4-Fantasize Your Stress:

Well if you think I am suggesting something stupid; don’t you worry. Sometimes being stupid really helps. I am the kind of person who can’t remain sad for a long time. I do not know why but I tend to find out something interesting in complicated situations even. I remember we had calculus course in our freshmen year and I did not like my course instructor. When it becomes extremely boring in his class, I used to visualize the scenario. I used to think that I can shrink him to a toy size character, and then with the help of my remote controlled crane; I am grabbing him, placed him out of the class and shut the door :p

5-Use of Facial Expressions:

You can use your facial expressions as a weapon against nerve-racking conditions. This is important if you are sitting in a group and are troubled. Try to keep your expressions soft so that they don’t add up to the pressure. Use your smile to lessen the intensity. You don’t need to have a good reason for smile but a little gesture of yours can be a source of comfort to you and others, there with you.

Although I have not presented any scientific or highly studied techniques but they are the most valuable tricks in my life. I am quite stress-free in my present and this is the reason why I have shared these with you all. Hope you will find them helpful.

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  1. Stress management is really a tough job especially in a business environment. We need to learn a lot on this subject because everyone has to face some stress during struggling


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