Friday, 17 February 2012

Are You Obsessed?

It’s been so long I am unable to sort out some time for my personal blog diary because of hectic daily routine. As we have mentioned in our last post we will talk more about ‘Own Yourself’. It is not that I just search some articles and write a post. Rather, I analyze my daily routine and try to find out if I am doing something, others should do. These days I am the only princess at my home so I am literally enjoying life; changing everything according to my taste. We human beings tend to develop a choice of ours. Same is the case with me. While going through this entire phenomenon, I realized if I am really making a choice or am I obsessing my mind?

What is Obsession?

Obsession is defined as the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
Obsession is when we think about someone 24 hours a day and falsely interpret it as love. Obsession is when we don’t study whole year and forget everything else at the exam night. Obsession is when we target extremely high and think of our project while asleep as well. Obsession is when we desire of something particular and unable to see number of other opportunities awaiting for us.

Why Are We Obsessed?

Now the question arises why are we obsessed? Is it something in our control or are we totally helpless about it? As far as I perceive, we do obsess our minds. ‘How do we obsess our minds?’
Well, the answer to this how lies in our environment. We are used to perform a particular set of habits because we are brought up in that environment. If we do not get a different environment, we will never see a different side of life. Life is the name of variation and if we restrict this change for us, we are actually snatching our mind’s ability of learning new things.

How Do We Obsess Our Minds?

How any idea does dominate our mind? It is quite simple; it can be a consequent of so-called personalization. How do I define personalization? I define it as each and every act we perform is guided by a ‘Set of Principles’. For example, we get up early in the morning, take bath (whether it is hot or cold), and take breakfast at sharp 9:00.A quite disciplined life indeed. Every reaction of ours is also predicted. Permit me to mention some significant sources of obsession here.

1-Same Group of Friends:

For the first time, I am feeling thankful to the social networks and having a good opinion about them. When we make friends, we usually share some set of interests, hobbies and values etc. As the old saying goes ’A man is known by the company he keeps’. That’s perfectly true. Our actions are directed by what will get appreciation from our friends and what would be disliked by them? It is not about our actions only; our intellect also gets affected directly. We start sharing same mental set up and our approaches find their way in a common direction. I call this state as ‘Saturation’. Saturation is the state when we have reached a particular growth level and then it stays constant (you may prefer to consult a dictionary).So I was saying that you should talk to people belonging to different school of thoughts to assure you are in a continuous learning process.

2-Reading Habits:

Is it the first time you are seeing ‘reading’ associated with anything negative? Well, reading itself is not ‘Obsession’ but my point is if you have developed a particular interest, let’s say relationship articles, and you do not find enough time to read about other aspects of life; you are obsessing your mind. Give yourself a chance to hear what others have to share with you. Allow yourself to look at life from completely different and sometimes even opposite perspectives.

3-Entertainment Obsession:

Are you the one who always watch horror or action movies? Do you enjoy pop music or prefer listening classic and folk only? Are you a regular serial watcher? All these contribute towards designing a particular thinking pattern in your subconscious. Don’t you believe me? I belong to a country where our ancestors started the struggle for their identity when the spirit was infused into them via poetry. It was obsession; although it worked as a blessing. You can change your course of actions by making your choice.

4-Childhood Inspirations:

All of us have some childhood inspirations; there’s nothing bad in it. The problem comes when we do not accept the qualities of our contemporaries. Everyone has got some positive traits and some negative. Although your ideal has many good in his pocket; you can still find some more in other people. Find inspirations in life; just don’t restrict you to few personalities or single personality, at worst.

Is Obsession Dangerous?

It would be more appropriate to call it ‘unhealthy’, because obsession has more to do with our mental health. Whatever, I have said above, was meant to transform this negativity into positivity. As you see, we can develop a particular pattern of our life just by continuously practicing any particular habit. Use this to train our mind rather than obsessing it. Accept influences from others and assure that you are continuously growing. When you get your mind fixated, you are limiting your freedom. Allow flexibility in your life. All I meant to say is ‘Do not Limit Your Vision’. Go beyond the limits ‘Consciously’.

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