Monday, 2 January 2012

Living In Moments

This post of mine has got an inspiration from an article by Dan Millman’. I read this article may be six months ago and the only thing that got fixed in my mind is its topic name ‘Life is a series of moments’. And today when I feel depressed enough, I decided to give it a read .Believe me, I have read it thrice since I published my last post here. The purpose was to grasp its complete essence and hopefully I have somewhat got it, that’s why I am writing this. Else I would have been in my bed playing hard with my TV remote.

Realize Every Moment:

As Dan shared; poet Emily Dickinson wrote ‘Forever is composed of moments’. It is true; none of us has got a constant attitude or constant circumstances. Diversity is the beauty of life and same is the case with moments. Each moment is different from its predecessor .Every moment that follows in has got something more exciting in it. Problem occurs when our mind flips between the memories of past and expectations of future. This is what we keep on practicing most of the times and this is how we don’t have a present. Isn’t it so? For example, if you are about to perform on stage in the next fifteen minutes ,what goes inside you; Hopes and expectations for the success of show? And when you are successful you would recall the difficult rehearsal times. Our mind tends to replay our past activities and continues passing a judgment for it. Our heart keeps on wishing something different or more in future. Who cares about the present moment? This is where the actual challenge lies. What will be your reaction when you step out of the stage after spectacular performance? You will be relaxed and unintentionally, you will treat that moment in an unjust manner .You were so much energetic about the previous moment and so casual with the next one. Why have you treated one as so special and the other so ordinarily? What is the reality of moment? The moment is just like a blueprint…it is the same every time. It is our attitude and emotions that makes it special and thrilling .Why do we feel boring at times; because we don’t pay its due attention. Or maybe because we have some better future plans. Forgetting that ‘Tomorrow never comes’.

Handling Future Worries:

Are you unemployed and heavy liabilities seeking your attention? Or do you want to get admission in a prestigious college? Is world war III going at your home these days? Has your beloved left you for no reason? Such types of thinking are very difficult to handle because our mind keep on revising them. Also, human beings love to regret and feel sad. This is the easiest task indeed. You can’t have a fixed plan for your future. We are human beings and are completely unaware of what Divine has planned for us. All we can do is to design our present moment that will automatically enhance our future moments. We are supposed to play our part, and leave the rest for Almighty. Don’t try starting a fight with nature. Attune yourself with the flow of universe and let the things go smoothly.

Compose Your Present:

If you can’t compose your mind for the present moment, try a simple tip. Take a paper or pen or do it in your mind; recall your problem and find a solution for it. If there is no solution simply write “Result: No solution available yet’. If you come up with a plan; carefully note it down. Now keep those writing aside; you have done what you can. You are not supposed to act right now, as per your plan you will be implementing it when the right time comes. Kindly keep that in a cupboard and lock it. This will bring you in a much better state of mind and you will feel free.

Free to feel grateful what you have at the moment. Know it; value it…live it. This could be as simple as drinking water! Or as challenging as you are in a battlefield. Live every single moment and get the best out of it.


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