Thursday, 5 January 2012


As I have shared that I had an unpleasant year beginning and I was mentally stressed. In the morning, on my way to university, I was mentally struck with the same feeling. Soon I realized that weather is quite pleasant and it threw me a strange thought as soon as I went down the pedestrian bridge. What if there is someone pointing gun at me and commanding me? Of course, I would think ‘How can I survive?’ Consider again, ‘How can I survive?’

It was only ‘I’ in my mind. No friends, no relationships, no happy moments, no sad moments … but just my life. It reminded how dear I am to myself. I get too sad when any of my friends is in difficulty and don’t enjoy my good time as well. This has now become unaffordable to me. I need some fresh air now! I want to get rid of these influences. So, I decided to dig out some of the possible solutions. Would you like to know what I have got?

Own your Life:

I am kind of person who has got enough attitude to live life on
his/her conditions. I never thought that I will wish something and I won’t get it. To me, it is just impossible. But, when you live in a society and group of your loved ones, you have to look around as well. I looked so much that I totally ignored myself. I was constantly aware of neglecting myself but I agreed to it so that I may keep my loved ones happy. I sacrificed so much that I didn’t get enough time to fulfill my desires. And this is how I was getting influenced by others. But now I have realized; I need to own my life!
I know we are morally supposed to take care of others. The way out of this paradox is; take their care in the best possible way. If they get happy, well and good…else who cares?!You have done enough on your side; you don’t need to die for anyone.

Your Life … Your Dreams:

Well, this is a common practice amongst our society that parents or teachers are very fond of passing a judgment about every child or student. Judgments like that this child is not doing well at sciences but he has got a brilliant business mind. When they keep on repeating it, they are actually doing his/her brain washing. Consequently, that child will accept their vague observation as a damn truth about himself/herself. All his dreams will be reshaped according to this so-called truth. This is so wrong… you should talk to you. Observe what fascinates you. Listen what your inside is saying to you. Sometimes, it does happen that we had certain dreams associated with different people .For example, if you are planning to go to United Kingdom for your Masters Degree but you get to know that the person offering finance has now changed his mind. Would you let him take your dream away from you? No … not at all. He was just a resource, you have to look for other resource now not for another dream. Don’t let others set your limits. It’s your life; it is you who will decide your fate!

Your life ….Your Struggle:

If you want to completely own your life; you need to struggle hard for yourself. Don’t take anyone’s benevolence as you will need to repay it or they owe you. Own all your responsibilities and you will be independent then. Remember, it is your life and only you will struggle for yourself else you will get bound in compassions or such other moral pressures; which confiscate your freedom.

Your Life … Your Happiness:

When it is your life, you have a certain fate of yours as well. The Divine has written many happy moments for you and some sad indeed. You don’t need to get extremely sad for others. They will handle those themselves. You are supposed to enjoy and be grateful for the blessings written for you and firmly face your problems. Reduce your intensity of tension by changing its priority. Give your smile the first priority and don’t allow difficulties to take it away for so long. Learn to smile in critical situations and you will see solutions!

That’s all for today… applying these basic points will make you much happier. We will soon be discussing about handling stress and controlling our reactions in hyper situations. I need to sign off for now… Stay blessed!

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