Sunday, 1 January 2012

How To Influence Others?

I am feeling really sorry that i was unable to write a post and wish you all a happy new year. It is because New Year has presented me such a terrible gift that made me wish I would have better died last year. It is not that I do not want to wish you happiness; it is just that I wanted to present something special but now due to mental stress I am not willing to compose it. I believe that difficult situations are golden opportunities.It is just like you throw some one into sea and he is supposed to learn swimming there; if he has got the guts. He may find himself capable of taking a pearl out of it or simply get drowned. I know it is not that easy, but how difficult is it? May be you had never imagined of deep sea diving but Divine has planned something different for you. You just need to belief that whatever the circumstances you are facing at the moment; it is just because you are able to cope up with them. These difficult times reveal your inner potentials. Perceive them…accept them…and use them. And now coming back to my personal life.The issue is not what was ‘terrible’; the point is that was there as ‘Gift’? This may sound irrelevant but it gave me a chance to think about ‘How does other influence our lives?’I do not know what do you think, but I see this influence as a step by step procedure. Come on… you can also influence others by using the same procedure. If you think you are neglected in your family; you can give it a try. If you are freshmen, you can trim it according to your work environment. But please; keep it positive. To simplify understanding; imagine you are the one influencing others, following the given outline:

Make An Impression:

It is a well known dialogue that ‘First impression is the last impression’. I do believe that ‘First impression is a mere Deception’. You can’t judge anyone just by looking at his/her face. You need to spend some time or better do some business with the next person to let him/her know about your character. Be careful about informing others about yourself. Are they getting what you want them to know about you? Be expressive but don’t be an empty headed chatter box. Think before you speak or better stay quiet.

Understand Them:

I do not know if it is the blessing of my field or what; but I take every action of mine as a project and I take some time out to understand and plan it properly. When it comes to human interaction, we need to understand them. Figure out what is important to them and what is not. What is their life pattern? Most important, find out who are the inspirations for them?

Find A Place in their life:

If you want to get a control or become important to them; you need to spot the positions for yourself. Do you want them to take you as their well- wisher? A faithful friend? Or an obedient son? Find out what they don’t have and become that. Or make them feel that they were missing you; whoever you are. Try to be with them before they have to call you for help. Single hand that offers help at difficult times, find its way direct to heart.

Make them Dependent:

Well it depends on how much do you want to penetrate into their lives? If you have to, for some good reason, enter into their lives and accept them as family; you may prefer to make them dependent on you. Although, you need to hit hard to do so because you would be taking their responsibilities, giving your opinion and make them convince. Be so much responsible that they should feel frustrated, when you are out of the scene.

What's next?

I started this post with a different idea in which ‘influencing others’ is portrayed as something craftiness but I eventually find out a completely different aspect of the same topic. I am satisfied with this publication now because it may guide some good people. My next post would contain some content regarding how to counter act the influence of others.

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