Saturday, 31 December 2011

Is Human Nature Complex?

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine, telling him that I have setup a blog. He guessed that it would be a fashion blog and I would be sharing some clothes, sandals, lipsticks or such stuff. When he visited blog, he asked me to stop writing on human nature and personality. I asked the reason and he simply answered: its complex.
That was the point where I stopped and thought is it really so? I was not posting here because I got a relief from my tech blog. His owner allowed me to enjoy some of my vacations. And the strange fact is when I wrote for him I get tired; but I managed to find some time for my personal blog. When he gave me relief; I did not find interest in writing here as well. It is just one piece that makes the whole puzzle incomplete. Everything in our lives has got its importance and sometimes we are unaware of it. We are not complex, but we are ‘strange’. I am an engineer but most of my friends say that I should have gone for psychology. I do not get time to read enough of human nature but do we really need to read to understand ourselves? Can’t we communicate with ourselves to find our concerns and needs? We feel human nature as complex because we do not want to simplify it. There are many people who spend their whole lives just following others, fashion icons or any other rock star. Why we are so much afraid of taking risks? Why don’t we bother find the unique person inside ourselves? Everyone has got different traits but most of us ignore them. We find ourselves complex because we run away from our truth. We don’t have courage to face what’s wrong with us and we also feel frightened to accept that we can do miracles.Such ill practices are only meant to harm our own selves.The solution lies in accepting the challenge.Hug your self!Love your self... and you will see human nature getting simplified.


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