Saturday, 24 December 2011

Say no to FEAR

I don't remember the name of author , but that anonymous author has enriched my life with his single statement.
‘Face your fear and have it out…’
Once you get rid of this negative feeling, you can progress in a much better way. I have experienced it and I totally agree with him. This year had been a sorrowful one for me; at the same time it contributed a lot to build my personality. When I was a kid, my mother always made me get first position, in whatever exam it was. I used to think that what I would do if I don’t get a position. With the passage of time, when grown up I lost my position. May be because my mother left everything on me, after school. To my amazement, I was a completely okay with a good result without any position. One of the greatest fear in our lives is losing someone…I was also afraid of losing any one. I used to care so much about my relationships, sacrificed my beloved sleep at nights, my work hours to console or just entertain my favorites. This year I lost every one…turn by turn; it was a terrible period for me. Each one of them was more than my life to me…but I survived and I am surviving! I am completely okay without them. Yes I miss all of them but all other affairs are the same. Hold on, what about the greatest asset of ours…Life?
I don't know you are going to believe this or not, but I had such an experience as well. It was less than 10 seconds and I had to struggle twice to have my life back. Those ten seconds taught me a great lesson. Today, when I don't having anyone to loose and when I am aware of my life's value...I feel much confident. When I had relationships, I had many limitations. I needed to think well before taking any step because many people were attached to me. I have learned one thing now, I am ready to lose anything I love and now I am free of all the fears. One could simply not live in fear.

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