Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Making the right Decision

How long did it take me to decide the blogging theme, title and template for my newly set up blog? The time it took to upload pages from one option to other. Yeah…honestly I decided everything in less than 5 minutes and even got prepared what I will share in my first post. I usually take decisions at the eleventh hour and by the grace of GOD, I never regret them. Today I am going to share with you, what helps me in making choices.

Think about Yourself:
I love to think about myself. Many people used to say that I am self centered, when I was school going. But now, I have managed to think in a manner that others do not get to know. I have developed my ideology of life and quite clear about the basic principles that I would stick to in any situation. These predetermined principles and mind setup helps me to a great extent.

Believe Yourself:
What if you have many choices and none of them is against our ideology or principles? In such cases, I try to find out if my heart is inclined towards any option or if any friend of mine wants me to select one. Or am I in the mood of accepting any challenging task or simpler one? If every criterion fails, I make a random choice. It requires me to believe myself. I am so sure that whatever decision, I will take; I will stand by it .I prepare myself to face any suspected difficulties and enjoy any joyful moments.
Do not regret:
Yes I do not regret if my decision turns out to be wrong one. This is because I do not keep on harping the string that ‘I have done wrong', 'I am a looser' or such rubbish…not at all. I took the decision with the responsibility to deal with the consequences. Taking a wrong decision was mistake. This small mistake can be disastrous if you do not manage it properly. Stay calm and try to analyze the problem and look for the solution. Every problem has got a solution…it is just our weakness or lack in vision; if we do not perceive it.

Stay Positive:
I do not know if this is a good quality or not , but I always look for the positivity in the situation which can make me go forward. I believe in an old saying, mostly quoted in fairy tales that ‘Mur k dekha to pathar k ban jao gay’ (if u turned back, you will become a statue). May be it is foolish but this foolish attitude is sometimes a necessity to reach altitudes.

One can't always make the right judgment but he/she can make it right , if he/she is capable of managing with the results .Life is not about everything good…there's a lot bad in it. And the key to success is dealing the bad in a good fashion.


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