Monday, 26 December 2011

5 Good Reasons to write a Diary

Are you the one who keeps on updating his/her personal diary, be it online or on paper? Or do you inquire why do people keep a record of their daily issues? Have you ever thought that this habit of yours can be a powerful tool for you? I also did not take it as a tool until I set up this blog; and I have now realized its power. This power can be used to develop our personality.

1-Sharpens Memory:

When we want to add up something in our diary, we usually seek solitude and a calm environment. We sit in a comfortable position and start recalling all day happenings; right from the beginning of the day. If we continue this practice, it can polish our ‘recall’ skill. Another point to be noted is that we do not allow any other thought to come in our mind. And if any outsider idea comes, we simply order it to go away or wait until we are done with the present task. This enhances our focus. We are unknowingly gaining control of our mind. It is very important to realize it.

2-Enhance Communication:

Though a major part of communication comes under face to face dialogue but still your writing skills can help you enhance your communication to some extent. Your writing practice makes you an expert of transforming your thought into words. I am sure none of you take minutes to write a single line, just to find appropriate words for what he/she feels. We become fluent at instantly speaking what we are thinking. You can then work at your tone, while you speak.

3-Disciplined life:

It becomes a part of our life and we are supposed to take some time out for our diary and spend some time with it; because we love doing so and it is important to us. We need to manage our time in such a manner to make sure we can spend healthy time with it. By ‘healthy time’ I mean that we are fully aware of what we are writing and enjoying that time. Getting bored with a dairy is senseless….you may better leave it then. This is a small element of discipline. It is your choice now, to use this element and bring improvements in other matters or let everything go the way it’s already going.

4-Analyze your Reactions:

Well this is the point that we mostly ignore. When you are done with updating it; it’s time to update yourself now. You may go through present day or any day from past. Read that in full consciousness and as a critic. Note down what the stimuli were and how you reacted to it. Were you fully aware of your actions or you were forced by the circumstances unknowingly? Were your actions according to your ideology or you lost control over yourself?

5-Plan your Actions:

Doing just analysis is not enough to contribute towards building your character. You, now, need to plan your actions. If something has gone against your moral values, you need to focus and think well before you act. Make a determination that if any such situation comes again, I won’t react immediately rather I would act, what I am supposed to act.

We don’t get enough time by life before meeting any challenging situation. One should always remain prepared for it. At such difficult times, we find it difficult to think and act spontaneously. A little homework at your side can help you out amazingly.

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