Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Super Hero; Existed Always, Realized Never

Have you ever experienced a world where humanity feels ashamed every day? A world where poor suffers and the rich prospers, where evil is stronger than the good, where a single person controls the life of hundreds with cruelty and injustice; a world where only Might is Right.

Have you ever wondered how people of such a world survive which is deeply immersed in the darkness of distress and hopelessness? Yes, you guess it right! They silently or openly wait for someone, who would come from some unknown place at unknown time, as their ray of hope.  They wait for someone who would take a stand against EVIL for them and provide solutions to all their problems. Such a person would enlighten their world with the energy and heroically bring them back to the beauties of life.

This is the concept of ‘Heroism’ that prevails everywhere. Evil-hood is the pre-requisite that gives birth to a Hero. We do not entitle someone as ‘Hero’, no matter how good he is, unless he has some ‘Villain’ to fight with. The fight between good and bad is as old as the human race. These stories do not only write up the human history but also found their way to the bed time stories, cartoons and the animated movies, with a little variation.

Unsurprisingly, these bedtime stories and the movies originated the idea of a ‘Super Hero’. Your picture of Super Hero may resemble with the popular Superman, Batman, Spiderman or the Fantastic Four… Agree?
Do you notice what is common amongst all these ‘Super Heroes?’ Either they could climb over the walls, jump from tall buildings, cross over the wide areas or they will be amazingly fast and powerful in physical strength. They possess the Superlative powers that a human being can not. And this is what makes them a Super Hero. This urges me to believe that a Super Hero never existed among Human beings and can never will.

I wonder how we will define a Super Hero in human beings.
 A slight idea that just clicked my mind may be able to re-define the concept of ‘Heroism’. So far all the heroes are known for their courage to Fight against Villain and the story ends with the ‘Murder’ of villain. None of the heroes ever tried to transform the evilness inside the villain into the goodness, sweetness and love. Only a human being can inhibit the quality of patience, tolerance and the softness which could turn the hearts, thoughts and ultimately the actions of villains. The power that is usually destroyed by ‘Heroes’, considering it as harmful, will be preserved by a Super Hero with the only difference of the pattern which changes from negative to positive.
If we turn over the pages of history, we can find many great Human beings who struggled on their way of goodness and peace with an attitude that turned the enemies into die-hard followers. The prophet (Peace be upon Him) being the greatest example of a Super Hero. So, I end up my personal recount with a considerate note:

Super Heroes always existed among Human Beings but were never recognized as so.

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