Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Human Beings: Designed to Err

Greetings! How are my great readers doing? Must be making the most of your lives, right?
Well, I am back after long long vacation buddies. And now, I am here to stay. Actually, I am not coming from some refreshing vacations, rather I had been occupied with some tough extra curricular stuff. The one year engagement with that programme certainly taught me much more than it was intended to. It tested patience, dedication, determination, stress bearing capabilities and much more. Voila! I am gonna share all my learning with you guys, for sure. Anyhow, that's planned to be shared sometime later on.

Today, we will talk of an inseparable instinct of human beings. Yes, we will discuss about the mistakes and the associated fears as we make them.

Why do we make Mistakes?

At times, we may wonder 'Why do we make mistakes?' The answer is simple. We make mistakes because we are 'Designed to Err'. This post is inspired by a friend of mine who recently got a trouble in her life. Many people get troubles in their lives, most because of their own mistakes. She is no different. You are no different. I am no different. Do you know why? Because, we all share one thing in common -The Human Race. A race that is designed to err, since the day of its creation!

Why we are afraid of Mistakes?

Mistakes play a key role in enabling us to learn new lessons in life. Still, we are afraid of errors. We are afraid of trying out new things. We are afraid of deviating from the routine life style. Yes, we are afraid of making mistakes. It is because we develop guilt, when we fail. We accumulate too much regret over bad decisions. This guilt and regret do no good to us. It only obscures our path of progress.

Our inability to accept mistakes as a part of life does a great damage to our relationships also. When we are incapable of accepting mistakes of other people, we put so much pressure on our loved ones to show only the 'Good side' of theirs. We do not embrace their 'Flawed side'. We do not give enough space to our loved ones when they mistakes. As  a consequence, they fall in trap of a series of mistakes just to save their 'Image' in our eyes. How sad it is!

How to Handle Mistakes?

And so, i wonder. How on earth can you find perfection in a being? This is the negation of our very basis. How can one suppose to escape the trap of nature and lead an err free life?  Are human beings destined to live err free life? Had human beings , philosophers - the finest of them, ever claimed that it is humanly possible? No, it is not.

Shall we assume now that nature has created a mechanism of mistake, guilt and regret for human beings? The burden of guilt feels like heavy chains that restrain us from further happiness. How can mother nature be so cruel to its inhabitants? It is not. So what purpose do they serve in our lives? Why it is so essential to make mistakes, yet hold no regret?

1- Learn and Let Go

Mistakes are not meant to stay in your lives. They are mere experiments.A good decision results in a successful experiment. A bad decision turns out to be a futile attempt towards achieving something. How exactly shall one cater the mistakes? Well,mistakes are meant to be 'Learn and Let Go'. Do not cling to the mistakes of your past. Instead, use those lessons as stepping stones for a better future - with new mistakes. 

2- Forgive Self

To err is human, to forgive is divine.
Assuredly, the nature teaches us in a very benevolent and clear way. Why are you closing the doors of forgiveness for yourself, when God has always kept the doors of mercy open to His creation?

3- Perfection is Divine

Human beings posses very limited abilities in front of mother nature. This implies that we are not programmed for perfection. Rather, we are supposed to accept each other with their flaws; live in harmony, complimenting each other. In this way, nature frees the human being from a heavy burden of 'Perfection', providing a room for mistakes. So , why don't you enjoy the freedom bestowed upon you by nature? Why make your life miserable by trying to achieve things that are beyond your destiny?

We all make mistakes for one reason or the other. We loose a lot of beloved people and things in the learning process. This is the price that we pay for the difficult lessons life teaches us. However, we should keep reminding ourselves that mistakes do not mean the end of life. We can be successful by avoiding the same mistakes and by application of the lessons learn in future life. Mother nature has kept greater , benevolent surprises for us. Take a leap of faith and miracles do happen!

New Year Note

I wish all my readers to enter new year with an ambition of enjoying the life at its fullest. The immense penetration of internet and smart phones is destroying the social fabric in every society. Ironically, people are more connected to devices - and not with other people. I won't say make more relationships and new friends, instead I would say that this time work on what you already have. Stay more quality time with your family and feel blessed. Embrace the dark sides of your loved ones and lighten their spirits with your positive energy. Stay thankful and pay back to the nature with love, mercy and kindness. Happy New Year to all!

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